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Pietro Vitali



2-month project
creative direction
exhibition design, editorial design

“What Makes Humans Human?” is the creative direction project of the installation exhibition for the Thesis Projects of Communication Design students at Politecnico di Milano. The show was held March 17th and 18th 2019, and its aim was to answer its’ interrogative name through twelve Installations, with the belief that speculative design could question users to reflect on each installation theme from a neutral point of view. The biggest challenge for the Visual Communication of the exhibition was to avoid covering each installation with its own image while delivering the equivocal theme of the show nevertheless. Once each installation was settled with its own question, the creative direction dealt with displays, social communication, the design of a catalog and a website for the exhibition.

Flowers in Chania
Flowers in Chania
Flowers in Chania
Flowers in Chania